Post dedicado a Robbie Williams.


Bien. Robbie Williams es parte de mi vida, por así decirlo y odio eso porque él ni sabe que existo (pero ya va a saber). Es esa la razón por la cual hago este post.

Además, desde hace más de una semana, estuve como mas "metida" en él, escuchando más sus canciones, viendo más sus videos y es algo loco que también hace poco él sacó su nuevo video "Candy". Justo cuando yo empiezo a interesarme mucho en él. Qué lindo.
Siempre me gustó su música, de muy chiquita. Aunque cuando era chiquita no sabía lo que él cantaba, pero lo mismo me gustaba y me parecía lindo (desde bebé tengo la mentalidad que tengo ahora, lo se).

Cuando era pequeña, y veía su video ROCK DJ, quería que la cámara enfoque abajo. Sí, abajo, más abajo. Es que me daba curiosidad. Era una nena muy bebé, me daba curiosidad saber que tenía ahí abajo-

Me encanta la forma en que Robbie habla, en como se mueve, en que hace lo que quiere, en que canta, la forma como escribe, sus canciones, lo que dice. Me encanta que ahora esté pasando, quizás, el momento más lindo de su vida ya que va a ser papá y está casado. Me encanta todo eso.
En la entrevista que le hizo Marley, Robbie decía que su objetivo era mantenerse vivo, que estaba entusiasmado por el futuro, que se veía enamorado. Que entre sus veinte años era un idiota (lol), que trataba de conocerse a sí mismo y que ya estaba listo para cualquier cosa.

Canciones de él con las que estoy obsesionada (unas de las miles)

 "Make Me Pure"
I got a ton of selfish genes and lazy bones. I know I'm gonna die so my revenge is living well. You can't lie to a liar because of all lies. Oh Lord, please make me pure but not yet. 

Such a saint, but such a whore. So self-aware, so full of shit. Watch me come undone. I pray when I'm coming down, you'll be asleep. If I ever hurt you, your revenge will be so sweet because I'm scum, and I'm your son.  So damn ugly, so damn cute. So well-trained, so animal. So need your love, so fuck you all. I'm not scared of dying, I just don't want to. If I stop lying, I'll just disappoint you. So sincere. I come undone.

First they ignore you. Then laugh at you and hate you. Then they fight you. Then you win. They're being heartless again. Why do you think we should suffer in silence?. When a heart is broken there's nothing to break. They don't kill their own. And they all love their mothers. All is wonderful in past lives. You should see me in the afterlifeMy heart is broken there's nothing to break.


Come and hold my hand. I wanna contact the living. Not sure I understand this role I've been given. I sit and talk to God and he just laughs at my plans. My head speaks a language I don't understand. I just wanna feel real love feel the home that I live in cos I got too much life running through my veins going to waste. I don't wanna die but I ain't keen on living either. Before I fall in love I'm preparing to leave her. Scare myself to death. That's why I keep on running. I got too much love running through my veins to go to waste.  I just wanna feel real love and the love ever after. There's a hole in my soul. You can see it in my face. It's a real big place.

Unas pocas razones por las que me cae bien
  • Se desnuda en público. Me encanta que haga lo que quiera. Su libertad.
  • Dice que no tiene "mucha química" con la gente pero que tiene un grupo de amigos.
  • Dice que no sale mucho.
  • Parece casi siempre divertido y de buen humor pero se nota que es sensible.
  • Pudo salir de esa vida que no le hacía bien.
  • Valora la vida.
  • Hace buenas canciones. Escribe re bien.
  • Está casado y viene en camino su hija. Tiene una vida normal y sigue haciendo música. 
En realidad, eso me cae bien porque hay similitudes a lo que soy. Y él logró tener una vida linda(la que tiene ahora) después de haber pasado por cosas feas. Eso lo admiro. Es lindo ver que la gente se pone mejor. 

Oh , me olvidé de poner que él también dejó la escuela a los 16 años (como yo) y que nunca quiso tener un trabajo(ahora tampoco quiere) como yo igual. 

Grr. Quiero ser como él y hacer lo que yo quiera. Tener siempre la libertad de poder hacer lo que yo quiera. 

Ok, como soy una loca por la astrología no podía no poner algo sobre eso. Estuve averiguando y encontré su Carta Natal. La Carta Astral de Robbie Williams.

Sun in Aquarius

Anything of the human order is of concern to you. Your ideal is universal fraternity. Your humanitarian mind sensitizes you to societal projects and to other people’s torments. You are credited with the spirit of a St Bernard! You are sociable in spite of your intransigence and you offer your affectivity to the human race. Your concepts are liberal and original. You are interested in new ideas and in daring innovations… Aquarius lives for the future. Tomorrow is another day! You are never completely demoralized, as you know that each enterprise is constantly evolving and each project is perfectible. You dream of a better world and you do not hide your tastes for avant-gardist conceptions. Resolutely innovative, you show your worth when things are not yet fixed, when everything is potentially open. You may be intransigent although you are human in most circumstances, and you cultivate the taste for unprecedented situations. Your strength is that of all idealists: faith can move mountains of uncertainties, pessimism and inertia. Yesterday’s sullenness is swept clean! Everything remains to be reinvented and nothing is forever totally closed or stiff. A lack of pragmatism may prod you to take up lost causes. But aren’t they the most noble ones?

Moon in Scorpio
On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Scorpio. Your instincts deeply influence your thinking process and your actions. There are a lot of impulsiveness and violence in you. But they are only the other side of the coin of you direct and innate receptivity that gives you the amazing ability to perceive what is really at stake in any given situation. You also have extraordinary psychological skills. You are impervious to prevailing trends and tastes and you prefer to create a unique lifestyle for yourself alone. You are very selective in your intimate sphere and you accept as friends only the persons who can be naturally integrated in your quite special realm. You carefully maintain your distance with all intruders. Closeness needs time.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury describes your relationships, your communication skills and the way you relate to the external world. However, other astrological elements also influence these areas. The sign your Mercury occupies is significant only if Mercury is part of your planetary dominantes. In your chart, Mercury is in Pisces. You are connected to the world through your intuition. Contacts are established, and broken up, according to your sensitivity. Your perceptiveness is amazing. You soak into your environment in order to grasp its subtle games and you feel that you know things without learning them. You assimilate them unconsciously and you very sharply pick up hints and unformulated thoughts. Some sort of sixth sense.

Venus in Capricorn
Venus describes your affective life. On the day of your birth, she is found in Capricorn. You are a fragile and sensitive person and you give the priority to the deepness of your feelings and the steadiness of your relationships. Your senses do not respond to all forms of stimulations. Your affective life has a cautious, reserved, moderate and … intense nature. You forge your feelings slowly. You distrust love at first sight. Like faithfulness, love must be earned. Nothing is readily given in this area. Your sensitivity is deep but discreet, intense but concealed and inclines you to caution: frivolous loves do not interest you. You value sentimental attachments based on total and mutual trust. You know the cost of misunderstandings and delusions and you never commit yourself thoughtlessly. Modesty is a quality in some cases. But why do you hide your feelings so often? As you protect yourself too much, as you want to avoid being hurt, you may get locked up in an ivory tower and you may miss passionate loves. You may uselessly complicate situations: life together is simpler than you may think. You must learn to trust it. With time, you will be at your best.

Mars in Taurus
The planet Mars indicates how you react to life concrete stimulations. It also describes your fighting spirit, your abilities to stand for yourself and to take action. With Mars in Taurus, your will is strong and you are a very efficient person, persevering and tenacious. When you are prompted by your instinct to undertake any given step, no obstacle can put you off. However, your reactions are not unconsidered: you thoroughly ponder over and over before taking action. But it is hard for you to let go. This planetary configuration endows you with an extraordinary steadfastness. The other side of the coin: tenacity may turn into stubbornness. It is important that you control this strength and that you display more flexibility. It is good to persevere in one’s efforts, but not in one’s errors.

Ascendant in Leo.

Esto es todo por hoy. Seguro voy a escribir más cosas sobre este talentoso hombre :-) 


  1. Amiga Cam te quedó divino, me encantó... tú siempre escribes cosas interesantes me gustan tus blogs; ahora andas apasionado con Robbie W. y tienes razon en todo lo que dices es un tipo super interesante, escribe canciones divinas y a mi parecer se le nota que es una excelente persona, muy humano como todo acuariano, se caso con la mujer que por mucho fue su amiga, wow que se podía esperar de un acuariano como él, en fin a mi parecer es un excelente hombre y no dudo que sea un excelente padre. Felicidades Cami esto esta re divino :)

  2. Hola, re lindo el post que le dedicaste a este hombre! Me encantó. Se nota que te gusta.
    Yo estoy más que encantada con él, es digno de admirar por toda su superación en la vida. Nunca me cansaré de escucharlo :)

    Muchas gracias por seguir mi blog.
    Un saludo,
    ~El Club de las Sebaduras~


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